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Pieris virginiensis - Wikipedia.

Overview Overview. West Virginia White Pieris virginiensis, a State Special Concern butterfly, is very local in rich, deciduous northern forests, primarily of beech and sugar maple.Its host plant is toothwort, Cardamine diphylla, perhaps C. maxima.This is a univoltine species, adults have been observed from mid-May into the first week of June. Pieris virginiensis, the West Virginia white, is a butterfly found in North America in the Great Lakes states, along the Appalachians from New England to Alabama, and in southern Ontario.They are typically found in moist deciduous forests.Forestry, development, and a highly-invasive species that it confuses with its host plant are causing this species to decline. Originally confined to the northeastern states, the Alabama Plant Atlas indicates that Garlic Mustard now occurs in at least 2 northeast Alabama counties: Jackson and Limestone. Careful monitoring of our state's West Virginia White populations is needed so that appropriate conservation steps can occur if circumstances warrant. Garlic mustard poses a serious threat to the West Virginia White Butterfly. Please help pull this invasive plant at one of the over 30 pulls scheduled for this spring/summer in northeastern Ohio. Pulls are scheduled at 25 different locations, in 8 counties, and hosted by 14 organizations. Check the event listings to find a pull close to you! May 13, 2007 · In the lab, West Virginia White will accept many other brassica hosts Scott 1986, but in general West Virginia White --- unlike the Mustard White --- has not adopted a new non-native larval host plants, and is not among the butterfly "Switchers". The habitat of the butterfly and its host plants is intact mesic deciduous forests.

In addition, garlic mustard has been noted as a “population sink” for the West Virginia White butterfly. In this case, garlic mustard is a population sink because its smell entices West Virginia White butterflies to lay eggs on it; but the caterpillars cannot survive. This site provides a handy guide to the butterflies of Ontario, with English and French common names, scientific names, and other useful information. Some species from Northern Ontario are missing, but I hope to add them in the future. Many of the species featured here can be found in. The West Virginia White Butterfly doesn’t migrate! It also avoids areas without trees, such as hydro corridors, roads and open fields. These factors tend to isolate populations from one another in islands of forests surrounded by “hostile” habitat. This isolation, coupled with an. West Virginia White Butterfly. One of many invasive plants in Pennsylvania, garlic mustard Alliaria petiolata was introduced on the east coast in the 1860s and has since spread throughout the Northeast and Midwest. This shade-tolerant invasive plant outcompetes native vegetation. There is another almost all-white butterfly in Ontario, the West Virginia White. According to the Nature Conservancy of Canada website, the West Virginia White’s caterpillars are poisoned by toxic chemicals if they eat Garlic Mustard leaves and its eggs even often fail to hatch properly on this invasive plant.

West Virginia White Butterfly. Pieris virginiensis. COSEWIC Status: Not at risk COSSARO Status: Special Concern. Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada × The committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada is a committee of experts who determine the national status of native species thought to be at risk of. Mustard White Pieris napi. Above, this species is a plain white butterfly with no dark spots. Below, the summer form is solid white, but the spring form has darked veins beneath and often has a yellowish tinge to the hindwing and forewing tip. The West Virginia White is also very similar, but has very diffused, lighter veining on the. There are a total of 26 Butterflies Found in the State of West Virginia in thedatabase. Consider contributing an image at the email address showcased at the bottom of this page. Go back to the Butterflies State Listing.

Pieridae is the formal name of the family that consists of the butterflies with white wings and yellow wings. Virginia follows a pattern similar to other Southern states, hosting more yellow butterfly species. The picture shows a Sleepy Orange butterfly.

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