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as such definition: using the exact meaning of the word or phrase:. Learn more. “as such” in American such. › using the exact meaning of the word or phrase: There weren’t many vegetarian dishes as such, although there were several different kinds of cheese. Sep 28, 2019 · The nature of an entity, a medieval would have said, is what-it-is-as-such. An entity does not have a certain nature in the way it has a certain property. It is a certain nature. If an entity is something as such, then it is a certain nature.

as-such definition: Adjective not comparable 1. As it should, as describedThe budget was not allocated as such.Adverb not comparable 2. Per se, by itself, in itself.I'm not a big fan of popular music, as such; I much prefer opera.Changing the tra. She’s not really a maid as such; she just helps out in the house sometimes. Ways of being specific:specific, particular, specifically. This is the British English definition of as such. View American English definition of. Definition and synonyms of as such from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education.

As Such Define

Definition of as such in thedictionary. Meaning of as such. What does as such mean? Information and translations of as such in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. such 1. To so extreme a degree; so: such beautiful flowers; such a funny character.2. Very; especially: She has been in such poor health lately. Word Origin & History.c.1200, worn-down form of Old English alswa "quite so" see also , fully established by c.1400. Equivalent to so; any distinction in use is purely idiomatic. Related to German. Thinkmap Visual Thesaurus: Word Count - Lately I've been noticing the phrase as such everywhere. It's not just a recency illusion; according to corpus data, it really is on the rise. And with that rise comes a shift in function and a corresponding effort to halt that shift.

The word “such” in the idiomatic expression “as such” is a pronoun, and as a pronoun it’s supposed to refer to or stand for something already mentioned—an antecedent. A sentence shouldn’t include the phrase “as such” unless there’s an antecedent that answers the question “as what?”. ‘His speech is the herald of decolonisation and, as such, is a defining moment in history.’ ‘I am from England, of course, and, as such, consider rain to be part of my daily needs.’ ‘Not that education or skills are signs of intelligence as such, but there is a correlation.’.

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